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Current cancer therapy not working as you expected? Perhaps at least reading up on the best Alternative Cancer Therapies might provide an answer.

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When facing cancer and possible death from cancer, patients expect their doctor to provide the best guidance and support. In this age of information, many have found that the information provided by the family doctor or the oncologist may be fairly limited or even seriously biased. Often, they will provide only information about traditional therapies while some others always want try the latest fad in chemotherapy or radiation. They appear to only know about chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, having no interest in anything else. As a result, the oncologist will usually only offer chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Alternatives are rarely mentioned. Doctors can only discuss things that they were taught in school and what is in scientific journals. Alternative therapies are even frowned upon and derided by organizations such as the American Cancer Society.

Cancer Alternatives Book It should be noted that most oncologists would not accept chemotherapy for treatment if they were found to have cancer. Many would also not accept most of the radiation therapies. The cancer patient should also consider the profit motive. The fact is that chemotherapy often generates $10,000 per treatment or even more. The oncologist makes a lot of money from providing chemotherapy, radiation, etc. Many of the chemotherapies and radiation treatments that they offer cause new cancers later in life and other health problems as well. Chemotherapy and radiation can both destroy many of the bodies organs, damaging the heart, liver, kidneys, and even damaging the brain and nervous system. They almost always damage the bone marrow, which produces your new blood cells. In fact, one unreported statistic is that chemotherapy often kills, even as a result of only one treatment. This statistic is well hidden. In one survey, it was found that only about one-third of physicians and oncology nurses would have consented to chemotherapy for non-small-cell lung cancer. In another survey, it was found that of 118 Canadian doctors who treat lung cancer, only 16% would want chemotherapy for symptomatic metastatic bone disease. Another study found that about 1 in every 4 of such deaths had either been sped up or even caused by chemotherapy. The studies findings also included the discovery that 2 out of every 5 of the patients had suffered significant poisoning from their treatment.

A person who has cancer so bad that there is little or no chance of survival is placed in the group that does not receive the chemotherapy in any study. These are the people who get left in the control group but eliminated from the test group. According to a study by a group in Australia, The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be only 2.1% in the USA. This fails to recognize that at 6 years, the numbers flip and there are more people alive that refused chemotherapy than those who accepted it. This is the number that oncologist do not want to talk about. It shows without a doubt that chemotherapy takes lives and shortens life expectancy.

Another point: Doctors, with the very little knowledge that they are given on nutrition, diet, and health ( that is right, doctors are not actually taught what good health is. ) are only told that these things have a normal range. They are NEVER taught about OPTIMUM health, OPTIMUM nutrition, OPTIMUM hormone levels. Really, isn't that what you really want and need? Optimum health for optimum lifespan!

In the 1950s when I was growing up, cancer was rare and you had about a 1 in 30 chance of developing cancer in your lifetime. Now the risk is about 1 in 2, in other words, half of all the people living in the U.S. are expected to develop cancer during their lives. This should bring into immediate question, WHY?

The Book covers over 200 different vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements that are reputed help with cancer survival and is available by clicking this link:

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